No Need 2 Upologize

Créé le : 12 mars 2012

No motivating force that compels action for its satisfaction to use an apology is the subject of this video related to the Haunted Painting.
The use of the word "Upology" in this context is based on the meaning of the Greek word apologia which does not mean `a statement of regret. Plato’s Apology is in the widest sense an example of forensic oratory, in which Socrates defends himself in court against his accusers. The Apology is also an important example of a fairly extensive literature designed to defend Socrates against his detractors and to present what his defenders believed to be the real Socrates. Finally, it should be noted that the Apology is a set of speeches recreated by a second party after the fact (like the speeches in Thucydides), and therefore should not be considered a word-for-word reproduction of what Socrates said on that occasion.